Made at Home Entel culminated its successful version 2021

In an unpublished traveling version, the Made at Home Entel Tour Chile 2021 successfully completed its return to the public space with works by renowned artists and great participation from emblematic cities of Chile. Here we leave you a review of what was the 2021 Homemade Entel edition of the urban art festival.

Two years they waited in Chile to reconnect with the public space and urban interventions in the manner of Made in Entel House, an urban art festival that is increasingly part of the urban art circuit in Latin America.

From October 28 to December 16, his organization responded to the expectations of the public with a tour that took the works of great artists to different cities in the north, center and south of Chile. The high attendance of the public in all the destinations of this public art tour was perhaps the most remarkable note of this year's Made at Home Entel, which led to a cross-sectional meeting in the public space within a context of (post) pandemic uncertainty.

The tour began in the capital, in the Parque Fluvial de la Familia, located in the commune of Quinta Normal de Santiago. Among green esplanades, flower beds, groves and different species, the metropolitan public was reunited with the «Fried Eggs» of the Dutch artist Henk Hofstra and the Rubber Duck of his countryman, the artist Florentijn Hofman, who this time brought his work to the waters of the largest river park in Santiago. The tour had its first trip to Iquique, where the Playa Cavancha sector was chosen as the appropriate place for, for example, the “¡Caracoles!” from the Italian collective Cracking Art will take their horns out in the sun.

The next stop was Valdivia, in the Costanera Sector, where “Ulla”, Thomas Dambo’s wooden troll could feel more familiar with the climate of her native Denmark, the country where its director comes from.

Finally, Concepción was the last destination of the festival, which in the Greater Bío-Bío was installed in the Laguna Redonda Park. Along with bicycle lanes, an amphitheater and various recreational areas, the Penquista public was able to see the “Toy Robot” at its best. With this stage as the framework for the closing of the festival, this is how Entel Home Made 2021 ended 🙂

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